La Bouquet - Wear My Love

La Bouquet - Wear My Love

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Текст песни La Bouquet - Wear My Love
World’s coming down
Watch myself drown
Filled with water and you

I’m a king without a crown
World without a sound
What am I to you?

I want you to love me
I want you to love my denim jackets
And my mattress
And the way I scream about you

I wish that you could wear my love
I wish you wouldn’t wear my love away
Like denim jackets
Or your mattress
Or another mindless phase

We spend hours in the sunlight
But we’re hiding from the spotlight
With these tired eyes
Can we recognize
The compromise it takes to make this right?

I always think more on the bad days
I think I’m cursed and i’m wasting away
I’m full of all this negativity
And I want to purge my brain