• Исполнитель: Scarlxrd
  • Жанр: Зарубежный Rap / Hip-Hop
  • Слушали: 120 чел.
  • Скачали: 115 раз
  • Размер: 5.37 Mb
  • Длительность: 02:20
  • Качество: 320 Kb/s
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Текст песни Scarlxrd - YXU'RE TXX ANGRY
I didn't want this war
And I had an idea, which I thought might work
Weh the bloodclat do you?
Wake the fuck up

[Verse 1]
Car go zoom, I'm immune to the bullshit
Go crazy like I'm tooled up stupid with the new shit
Who rules the nuisance, I'm the future of the new shit
Nobody better, I'm a winner of this new shit
Harder to sink, I'm a product of riches
Nobody out there living lavish on this sick shit
I break the covers and I sell it like a risk, bitch
I feel like Banksy, how I'm anti on this sick shit
Too fast, they can not catch me I'm too quick, bitch
Oh damn, I'm way too nasty like a lynching
Hold back, no way, I'm going with my fist in
So sad, like this money's gonna fix things, uh
Back up on my riches cus' I'm getting some, uh
I just made 8 figures but it's not enough
Yeah, maybe I'm too distance, I should get in touch
Uh, money was the mission, I don't give a fuck

Uhm, you're too angry
Huh? You're too angry
Scar, you're too angry
Calm down, you're too angry
You're, too, angry

[Verse 2]
I, hate being, patient, patient
I wish, I, could, get, the, shit, I want now

Uhm, you're too angry
Huh? you're too angry
Scar, you're too angry
Calm down, you're too angry
You're, too, angry, ah