Orion Sun - Lightning

Orion Sun - Lightning

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Текст песни Orion Sun - Lightning
Oh okay

struck the house that we used to live in
It aint a home no more
Just a property building
with new tenants
oh God be my wit-(ness)
Hold me
why you acting like you don't know me
Like I haven't been in your zone

What's going on?
I say what's going on
I say what's going on, what's going on

Oh shit
looks like we back at the beginning
It's like we haven't moved at all
Thought you'd catch me when I fall
Looks like I'm wrong
What's going on?
Looks like I'm wrong
Clouds are closing in now
must move along
Lightning striking everywhere now
Running fast hear the cracking so loud oh it's so loud

What's going on?
I say what's going on, what's going on

I thought that things could get better
Oh no no no
I thought that love lasts forever
But forever's as long as a day
And the day is as long as an hour
When i'm with you
time's not a thing, no,
I never knew a greater power
Lighting strike through my heart
What the fucks going on