Owen - Wanting And Willing

Owen - Wanting And Willing

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Текст песни Owen - Wanting And Willing
You said you like my voice
But you say that to all the boys
(And I mean all of 'em)

Put your mouth where your mouth is
Your boyfriend can watch us

I don't see a ring
But wanting and willing
Are different things

There's a bar
About an hour outside the city
The bartender can't see me
I can't get small enough
I can't find the fucking door

I'm feeling sorry for myself
So you don't have to
Feeling nothing like myself
Since I've met you

I know it's been a bad year
For us both
I'm not sure If I'm funny
Or a joke

I'm begging you to
Bet on
This losing horse
Bet on
This losing horse
Bet on
This losing horse
Bet on
This losing horse