scarlxrd - FFS FREESTYLE

scarlxrd - FFS FREESTYLE

  • Жанр: Зарубежный Rap / Hip-Hop
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  • Длительность: 02:55
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Текст песни scarlxrd - FFS FREESTYLE
*Jamaican ad-libs*
Yeah, yeah

Lyrics move faster
There's no one above me
I look in the mirror
I see how I'm looking
Why trigger the fear bro
I barely can trust me
I feel like a hero man
No one can touch me
Eyes on the prize
I got no other thoughts
I draw the line and I'm running across
Won't ever pull up or get to the bottom
Like Nike Just Do It, I run like a star
Move in advance
Get up and thicken the bands
Nigga I'm movin' too fast
I been thinkin' 'bout
Feelin' fantastic, got some new fabric
When I rock classic, ay
One shot snappin', most of y'all plastic
Give a new gadget, go go go panic
Get up then lap the race
lavish place
Back up
Get to shift all my stats up
Mother fucker ... like a new mack truck
... roll like fuck
24/7 my cash stays up
... pretending it's never for us
Open your mouth and I'll bite it shut
They don't want static
Please don't call me on tactics
Leave with your antics
You niggas plastic
Need more practice
Come it might look like a class for you
That's not yours that's Scarlxrd uh
Why you screaming and moving
Wanna bite my fashion sense
You look trash out the gate
I'm humbled anyways
I didn't invent the game
So many G's before me
If you wanna hate then hate yeah (Scar)

Take a step into my mind and you'll see
That I levitate
My life is a freestyle
Why uh
I don't try, uh
That's just not my style, uh
Am I sounding vile?
I ain't in denial
You're fucking ...
But yet they act entitled
Like a fucking child
I might break his ...

I'm a monster
A fucking monster
I'm a monster
The biggest monster
I'm a monster
A fucking monster
I'm a monster
A fucking monster

Haha, fuckin' hell
Self isolation got me fucked
Head's gone
What day is it?